Unit 4: Minerals and Rocks

Happy New Year to everybody!!!
We are already in 2016, wow!!!

January 8th, 2016

Related to the last unit we were learning about, I would love to share with you some information about a very special rock formation that is located in Lugo, The Cathedral Beach.

There you can find sedimentary rocks that have been erosionated along the years by the water influence, leaving an expectacular landscape.

In the following link you will find more info: http://www.atlasofwonders.com/2011/10/beach-of-cathedrals.html

Resultado de imagen de CATHEDRAL BEACH LUGO Resultado de imagen de CATHEDRAL BEACH LUGO
Resultado de imagen de CATHEDRAL BEACH LUGO Resultado de imagen de CATHEDRAL BEACH LUGO


Dic. 12th

Hello everybody!
We started today with the Rocks explanation and we are focusing in the igneous or magmatic rocks.

Do you know what? YOU ROCK!


Resultado de imagen de minerales

Hello everybody!
We already started with the new unit, Minerals and Rocks.

These days, in the autonomous area, you have to do the Science-Bits activities relate to Explore and Explain. Once you finish, we will start a mini project in which you have to choose a mineral, the one you like, and complete the mineral information in a cardboard. This is the info you have to investigate about:


- Name of the mineral.
- Drawing or image of the mineral.
- Mineral composition.
- Mineral properties:
  . Optical properties:
      - color and streak
      - luster
      - transparency
      - birefringence
      - fluorescence
  . Mechanical properties:
      - hardeness
      - brittleness
      - plasticity
      - elasticity
      - cleavage
      - fracture
  . Physical properties:
      - magnetism
      - electrical conductivity
      - density
 . Chemical properties:
      - reactivity with acids
      - solubility


Use of minerals and Environmental Impact

We use a lot of minerals in our human lives. But many times we don´t know where the minerals come from and, above all, the impact that the extraction of the minerals is causing in nature.
We encaurage you to investigate about one mineral and try to answer the following questions (you can use any digital support to make your presentation):
Resultado de imagen de minerals environmental impact
. What is the mineral used for?
. Where do we get the mineral from?
. What is the environmental impact that the extraction of this mineral is causing in nature?
. Can you think of any solution to recover the original nature status?
. Do you know what reforestation is?


- Use many images and explain them when you are presenting.
- Use short sentences that are easy to understand.
- When explaining your investigation project to the rest of the class, try to use your own words.

Resultado de imagen de minerals environmental impact