So let´s see step by step what we a re going to do:

1. Choose a natural place from Madrid Comunity (if you prefere you could choose a park close to your home). Here are some examples: Lagunas de Belvis, Casa de Campo, Parque del Capricho, El Retiro, La Pedriza, Laguna de Peñalara, Parque Juan Carlos, etc.


2. Observe and investigate about 4 species:

They can be from any of the 5 kindoms (animal, plants, fungi, monera or protoctist), but probably it is easier with plants. Some of the questions you could investigate about could be:

- How do they reproduce?

- What type of reproductive organs do they have?
- Are there any differences between the male and female organs?

- How do their seeds look like?
- Do they use any strategy to spread their seeds?

3. Share your investigation results:
To do so you could take your own pictures, find them online or even better, you could bring some examples that you take from the natural place and show them to us in the class.

4. Present your results to the class:
You can make a presentation showing the pictures you took or found. As an example you could follow the next index:

1. Natural place that I chose (where is it?, why did I chose this place?, what kind of ecosystem can we find there?).
2. Species that I chose.
3. Kind of reproduction.
4. Reproduction organs.
5. Seeds and spread.