1. What is an Ecosystem?
2. Ecosystems vocabulary.
3. Ecosystems formula. Elements of an Ecosystem.
4. Abiotic and Biotic factors: Kind of interactions
5. Important definitions and Memory game.
6. The unfortunate side effect of human being in ecosystems.
7. Project: ecosystems and diversity of life.
8. Interactive activities in Aula Planeta.

1. What is an Ecosystem?

Listen carefully to this video and write down the main ideas to describe an ecosystem and its characteristics.

GROUP ACTIVITIES (to think in groups and write down individually):
1- Make a list of at least 10 keywords related to ecosystems.
2- Think of three characteristics  that help you to describe an Ecosystem.
3- As you already know, humans actions damage ecosystems. Write down 3 humans actions that modify natural ecosystems and could damage them.

This is a beautiful and sad example of our actions:

2. Ecosystem's vocabulary

Write down in your notebook the following words and their translation.

3. Ecosystems formula. Elements of an Ecosystem:

Here you have a magical formula to learn what is an ecosystem:

= Biotope + Biocenosis
 + Interactions

Write down this formula in your Science notebook, look for the description of the following words and write them down in your notebook:


4. Biotic and Abiotic factors:

Abiotic Factors: 

Examples os abiotic and biotic factors: 

Think of different ecosystems with different biotopes, biocenosis and interactions and make a drawing of one of them in your notebook, indicating which one is the biotope, the biocenosis and the interactions.

5. Important definitions:

This is a very good example that show us how, in nature, everything is connected.


6. The unfortunate side effect of human being in ecosystems:

7. Project: ecosystems and diversity of life:
Hello everybody. We are going to make a new project that is going to combine the things you are learning in Naturales (Diversity of Life) and what we are learning in Science (The Ecosystems).

So PROJECT = Diversity of Life + Ecosystems. 

Where are you going to make the work? -> in a Prezi document that you are going to share with the rest of your team mates.                                                                                                                                                          

Here you have the index you can follow to start investigating:

1.- Name of your Ecosystem.
2.- Location.
3.- Elements of the biotope (abiotic factors): 
      . Climate, topography, type of rocks, etc.
4.- Elements of biocenosis (biotic factors): 
      . Diversity of life and characteristics.
5.- Living organisms adaptations .
6.- Food webs.
7.- Human damages in the ecosystems.






8. Interactive activities in AULA PLANETA 

In Aula Planeta we will find different activities that are going to help us to practice what we have learned in this unit.