You Rock! Presentation


Dear students,
Now it is time for you to elaborate a presentation that you will share with your mates in the class. You will investigate about a geological place worldwide and about another one inside Spain.


This is what you have to do:

1. Check out the following world map and look for your team´s destination:

2. Make a presentation using a shared presentation document from Google Drive (remember that one of the team´s member has to create the presentation and share it with and

3. To make the presentation you have to follow the next advices:
- Try to make your index following these points:
. Name and location of your geological place (you can use google maps).
. Description of the shape and kind of rocks the place it is made of.
. Description of the way these rocks were originated.
- Use images as the main information and use the notes area to write down related information to the image you are going to talk about.


Now you have to do the same for a geological destination in Spain.

Check out the following map and look for your teams spot:



Remember that you have to finish your presentation this week, so you are ready to present it to the class:

- Next MONDAY for AB
- Next TUESDAY for BC.

If you don´t have enough time to finish it in the school, you have to finish it at home.

Also remember, that the text you wrote down in the notes area in your presentation will not appear when you are presenting. So, I strongly recomend you to write down in a paper some sentences that you understand and that will help you to explain the slides.